Top Pro Black Hat SEO tools you should try

Black hat SEO is an offensive practice which can increase the Page’s rank in search engines with risking penalties for breaking terms of the Search engines terms of service. “Black Hat” actually means something unethical. Black hat term is mostly used with the expression called Black Hat Hacker which points out to the hackers who do offensive stuffs and don’t like to be contained by the boundaries.

Top Pro Black Hat SEO tools

Black Hat SEO Tools are very popular among SEO specialists now a days as it can bring you pages on top ranking of search engines. Here is a list of some power Black Hat SEO tools you need to know about.

Top Pro Black Hat SEO tools

Top Pro Black Hat SEO tools

SeNuke TNG

SEnuke TNG is that kind of SEO software which can be considered as a market leader for automated link building. If you want to have better ranking then you should spend better for it. And If you want a top5 rank in google search engine then SEnuke TNG is best produce for you. In 2012 the SEnuke software was updated to SEnuke TNG. SEnuke TNG is the first crowd sourced link building software. This SEO tool has been able to continue to produce high search engine rankings even after Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. SEnuke TNG was designed to automate the link building process and it had proved to be an effective tool for that.

Money Robot

Money Robot Software supports UNLIMITED website platforms and it has very powerful features. Through this software you can generate your backlinks to following main platforms with support built right in: Web 2.0 Blogs , Social Network Posts, Social Bookmarking, Web Directories, Wiki Articles, Press Release, Article Directories, Web 2.0 Profiles, Forum Profiles, RSS.


XRumer software will help to increase traffic to website to hundreds, thousands times. This is best software of it’s kind. This Black Hat SEO tool has been used by SEO professionals for many years. Professionals and beginners both can use this software.

Using this program you can post your links and ads on more than 400,000 resources like forums, blogs, guestbooks, link directories, bulletin boards, social networks. Can decode and bypass more than 500 types of popular graphical captchas.

Using it’s SocPlugin you can post messages in 4 social networks like Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Mamba and Facebook.

Ultimate Demon

Ultimate Demon is a very powerful Black Hat SEO tool. With Ultimate Demon’s seamless submission process, you can now build unlimited number of links which can increase traffic to your website . It has a super friendly user interface. Expert SEO knowledge is not required use Ultimate Demon.

This Black Hat Seo tool supports multiple platforms like Web 2.0 Sites, Wiki Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites, Video Sites, Article Directories, Web Directories, Press Releases, RSS Directories, Document Sharing Sites.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a very popular Black Hat SEO tool among the SEO specialists. With this software you will never have to worry about backlink. This software can run endlessly and create backlinks for you 7 days a week. This SEO software will not need a database of submission sites. It will locate new websites for you and submit your webpage to them without asking for your input. It will also verify the submitted websites, making sure that the link was really placed.

GSA Search Engine Ranker works great with these softwares :

  • GSA Captcha Breaker
  • GSA Rapid Indexer

Using these softwares together will make your pages ranks invincible.


RankWyz is the all-in-one solution for anyone looking to build and maintain a powerful blog network. Whether self-hosted WordPress sites or outside-hosted Web2.0 properties, RankWyz is the best way to manage and maintain a powerful cloud of blogs that can help you rank any website at will and even recover from disastrous penalties.


Scrapebox can harvest thousands of URL’s from Google, Yahoo and Bing in seconds! With inbuilt footprints for finding WordPress and Movable Type blog posts, you can gather lists of links that are highly relevant to your keywords and niche. Great for researching competitors, finding new blogs to comment on, doing product research or even gathering facts and info for your next blog post or article.


GScraper is really fast. This software needs a simple setup. Gscraper can harvest URLs at a speed of about 5 URLs per second per thread which is pretty fast. That means in single second each thread gets a fresh proxy, parses the Google SERPs , extracts the URLs which match your footprint and saves them into a text file. And there is no limitation on the number of threads besides Gscraper is optimized to work with large number of threads. So you can increase your threads. A computer with high speed connection can easily go over 100,000 URLs scraped per minute ( you are suggested to use VPS ). And most notably GScraper automatically checks if your post was actually approved or not after posting.


Now its your time to pick your Black Hat SEO tool. So dont be late start optimizing your pages.

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