jQuery Live method with example

jQuery Live method attaches one or more event handlers for the selected elements and specifies a function to run when the events occur. The events must be valid as any invalid event won’t work.

Event handlers attached using jQuery Live method will work for both current and dynamic elements matching the selector ( i.e. elements which are created by AJAX calls). But jQuery Live method don’t support Chaining methods and it can take more time to work completely.

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jQuery On method with example

jQuery On method actually attaches the event handlers with the currently selected set of elements in the jQuery object. Since  jQuery 1.7,  jQuery on method provides all functionality needed for attaching event handlers.

Advantage : Event handlers attached using jQuery On method will work for both current and dynamic elements ( i.e. elements which are generated by Ajax calls).

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jQuery CSS method for Selectors

jQuery CSS method can return or set single / multiple CSS style properties to the selected elements. By this method you can get the value of a CSS style property for the first element in the set of matched elements or set single or multiple CSS properties for every matched element. The css method of jQuery is a smart way to get a style property from the first matched element, browsers get most of those properties in different ways. So it gets difficult for Cross browser programming. But jQuery will rescue you about that as this CSS method will work on every browser.

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Top free Web Directory List 2014

Web directory is a collection of links of websites which is usually maintained by humans instead of bots. Generally a Web directory splits its website links by categories so that its easy to find the appropriate websites you are looking for. These collections of links are usually much smaller than search engines’ databases, since the sites are looked at by human eyes instead of by spiders. Web Directory listing can make your website exposed in top 10 ranking. But your Web Directory selection must crucial because you should choose Web Directories which have a high PR. Because a Web Directory with high PR will get more priority than a Web Directory with a low PR. So always look after high PR Web directories.

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jQuery Slider: Top jQuery Slider plugins

jQuery slider is a very common element in modern websites. There are sliders from other Javascript libraries also but jQuery is the most popular library in the Web world. So jQuery slider is also a popular element. It can save you web pages space as several images will take the space of a single image and the images will be presented with jQuery or CSS3 animations and effects within a fixed interval.

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Javascript redirect: Page redirection with Javascript

Page redirect or Page redirection normally takes the user to the destination page after the page is loaded completely or partially. Sometime you need to change you url pattern or you move several page to a new location or a different domain. If you don’t redirect your page to the new location then that will show error which is not a good choice for you while in the production environment.

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