PostgreSQL common problems and solutions

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced SQL open source database. It contains comparable enterprise class features such as full ACID compliance and Multi-Version Concurrency Control for supporting high concurrent loads. And it supports standards such as ANSI SQL and SQL/MED (including foreign data wrappers for Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB and many others) and yet is highly extensible with support for over 12 procedural languages, GIN and GIST Indexes, Spatial data support, and multiple NoSQL like features for document (JSON) or key-value based applications.

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Top 10 WireFrame tools for designers

WireFrame tools will make your application developing process easier. These tools will give you a visual display of what the final application will look like.

Before you go on for starting your development phase, you need to have a clear idea about what your final product will really look like. And there comes the WireFrame tools. They will help you to create WireFrames within small time.

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