Learn about Yii Framework Session Handling

PHP Session variable is generally used to store data for the users session and session variables will be accessible to each and every  page of your application. That means if an application needs to access some informations for most of the pages then it can store those informations in its Session.

Yii Framework ships with a rich library to handle Session variable. Yii Framework Session variable can accessed and assigned very easily.

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5 simple tasks that can blacklist your website in Google

Organic traffic is always the dream of every webmaster. And every webmaster wants to optimize their website so that it can improve its rank day by day. And many webmasters try different types of trick to top the rank in Google and other search engines. For improving the rank of websites many webmasters try some risky tasks which can hamper the websites reputation. So you should avoid these risky tasks which can blacklist your website in search engines.

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PHP GET Method tutorial for Programmers

PHP GET is the superglobal variable which is used to send and retrieve data through URL. Although you can submit forms with PHP GET but PHP POST is more preferred because PHP GET can make your form submission vulnerable somehow. But don’t think that PHP GET method is not useful. Basically PHP GET method is used more often than PHP POST method. Most commonly PHP GET is used for dynamic URL generation and it is also used for creating various API as well as Web services.

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